Dura Urban Furniture

Dura urban furniture is the manufacturer of classic and modern urban furniture made of self-colored reinforced concrete internationally called REINFORCED CAST STONE.

Dura has obtained its success through paying attention to the main role of the element in the modern urban centers also changing street simple furniture to stylish products aiming at beatifying the city. Moving in the front line of technology whose similar only exist in Japan, Italy and America, creative design and presenting innovative solutions, has introduced this company a leader in the area of urban furniture.

Technical view and paying attention to the high quality of manufacture, has dedicated considerable share of the urban furniture-sales market to Dura. Appropriate modulation of performance and beauty and answering to any need has leaded to the broad range of applying these products.

From modern urban areas, squares, parks, green spaces, traditional and historical context, university centers and educational atmospheres, hotels, recreation centers and sport clubs, stadiums, residential towns, catering and accommodation spaces and camping, water treatment centers, pools and beaches, gardens and pedestrians, terminals and traffic public areas to private gardens, villas, every day many people use Dura Urban Furniture.

We wish to eternally have their kindness.